Build powerful integrations with our APIs and Metadata Services

Looking for seamless access to AP news content, metadata or elections data? AP has the right API for you.

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AP Media API

Get all your AP multimedia content in one place

Access the content programmatically via the API or use the AP Media Agent to download content automatically. Currently using AP WebFeeds Direct, AP WebFeeds Agent or AP Content API? It’s easy to migrate.

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AP Metadata Services

Add value to your content with AP Taxonomy and Tagging

Integrate AP’s industry-leading News Taxonomy, a comprehensive set of regularly updated, controlled vocabularies, into your publishing system; automatically apply the News Taxonomy as descriptive metadata using the AP Tagging Service.

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AP Elections API

Integrate your election system with the API

Get AP elections data using your own tools. The API provides access to all data that is available via FTP.

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