Access all your licensed content in one place

Build powerful integrations with our Media API. Media types include text/story with linked content, pictures, print graphics, video and audio.

For API Developers

Looking for tighter integration with your own system?

Access the content programmatically via the API. 30 days of content is available, as well as the full library of current and archive picture, video, audio and print graphics content.

Getting Started with the API
Get introduced to the new API and check out example API requests.

Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to common questions about AP Media API.

Developer's Guide
Review the complete documentation of the API methods.

API Explorer (Swagger)
Interact with the API. Discover, test and debug live calls.

Swagger Spec
Generate a client SDK.

Get a head start with code samples.

For Agent Users

Want to start downloading content automatically right away?

Use the AP Media Agent and Configuration Dashboard to download a continuous feed of content from up to the last 72 hours.

Getting Started with the Agent
Quick steps to configure and set up your agent.

Agent Configuration Dashboard in AP Newsroom
Set up and manage your ingestion agents and content download preferences.

AP Media Agent and Configuration Dashboard Demo
Watch an intro tutorial.

IMPORTANT: AP Media API Portal has been integrated with AP Newsroom and is now called AP Media Agent Configuration Dashboard. We are still updating the video tutorial and appreciate your patience as we make the updates.

Quick Reference FAQs
Check out commonly asked questions about AP Media Agent and Configuration Dashboard.

Release Notes

See what's changed in the latest release of AP Media API and Agent.

What's New in This Release

New! API Video Tutorials

Quickly master AP Media API best practices by watching these short video tutorials.

Identifying Publishable Content (02:32)

Getting Content Updates Using Next Page Links (02:40)

Managing Revisions and Duplicates (02:07)

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