AP Content API

The AP Content API allows you to search and download content using your own editorial tools, without having to visit AP portals, such as apimages.com.

The API provides access to:

  • Images. AP-owned, member-owned and third-party images, including the full AP Images archive and the GraphicsBank collection.
  • Video. AP-produced and select third-party video.

Content available to you depends on your plan. If you currently access images via Content API and are interested in accessing video, please contact your AP Sales representative.

Access the API

Work with your own editorial system. Your editors search and download AP Images content using your own editorial tools:

  1. Run a search.
    When an editor performs a search in your editorial system, your custom program searches the AP Images or AP Video collection and displays search results along with key metadata. Content item pricing is available upon request.
  2. Pick a result to view metadata.
    When an editor selects a search result, your custom program retrieves full content metadata (optionally, with pricing) from the AP Content API system.
  3. Download content.
    When an editor wants to download an image, your custom program downloads the requested content file from the AP Content API system.
  4. Review your account information.
    When an editor wants to check how many downloads available for your plan have already been used or download your order history, your custom program retrieves your plan and usage information or order history from AP Content API.

Talk to us

For more information about AP Content API, contact your AP Sales representative.

AP Content API Documentation