AP Breaking News API

AP Breaking News API allows your organization to retrieve a list of available breaking news categories and then request content for a specific category.

AP Online

The AP Breaking News API currently offers only AP Online headlines and stories. AP Online, available to our commercial customers, is a breaking news service that provides a selection of international and national news stories gathered by more than 240 AP bureaus around the world.

Access the API

Build your own news delivery application with AP content. Your users get AP breaking news directly from your application:

  1. Retrieve a category list.
    Your custom program calls the AP Breaking News API system for the list of available content categories and saves them to your CMS.
  2. Get content by category.
    Your custom program retrieves content for each category from the AP Breaking News API system, saves it to your CMS, and then your news delivery application displays the content by category.

Talk to us

For more information about AP Breaking News API, please contact your AP Sales representative.

AP Content API Documentation

  • AP Breaking News API Overview (PDF). Get a quick introduction to the API (PDF).
  • Developer's Guide (PDF). Review the complete documentation of the API methods (PDF).
  • FAQs. Quickly find answers to frequently asked questions, including those about terms of use.